Friday, March 25, 2011

Sundays in New York

This past Sunday before I took off to London and Barcelona, I decided to take a crash photography course.  So, I met with Judith Farber on the Main Floor of the New York Public Library to begin the day.

...And here is how it started.  Blurry photos, dark photos, bad shots one after another.

Then, she taught me the correct angle to take a photo when you have great lighting.  See Judith in the window here with the northern exposure light.

Most all of my photos were blurry or too dark in the beginning.

As Judith tweaked my camera to the correct settings and taught me to stand really still, the more and more I shot my photos started looking better!

Mr. Handsome decided to sit and be in my shot.  Fine by me!

...and then the designer in me began shooting the hardware!  It is just so fabulous!

All photos shot by me!  If you haven't spent much time touring the library, go never know what or who will be around the next corner.

42nd Street and 5th Avenue

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