Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Summer Inspired Fabrics

In the midst of working on my client's summer homes, I realized just how many Indian and Bali inspired fabric houses exist.  Below are just a few to help you find that special certain fabric to get your house ready for summer!


        Michael Smith

Lulu De Kwiatkowski

Lulu DK bed linens.

Lisa Fine Design

John Robshaw Fabric Designs


Drapery by Kathryn Ireland

Lampshade and Bedspread Fabrics

Raoul Textiles

Skirt by Raoul

Headboard Fabric

Le Graceaux

Sofa Fabric by Le Graceaux

Gailbraith & Paul

Fabric in production.

Wallpaper and Headboard Fabric by China Seas

Ikat Sofa Fabric

Window Shade Fabric by China Seas

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  1. Lisa, John, and Les Indiennes are some of my favorite textiles artists. Thanks for introducing me to Lulu de Kwiatkowski~ amazing!