Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime Weddings

As I approach my one year anniversary, I decided to post some design inspiration pictures from our wedding last summer in the Central Park Zoo.  I had so much fun planning all of the details for our special day.

First, I wanted to start with a theme.  Since the zoo is home to many beautiful exotic birds, I decided to go with a birdcage theme.  Cheree Berry assisted me in designing an invitation with a gold leaf birdcage and envelope liner with the skyline of Manhattan.  We only had about five months to plan this, so we had to get these done quickly.

Since the wedding was black tie, I ordered some white linen cocktail napkins and had a friend embroider them with the same logo at the top of our invitation.  I wanted to use blue and white for the main colors of our decor.  So, the napkins were embroidered with blue.

Then, I rented beautiful blue cut glass wine glasses from Classic Party Rentals for our signature drink at cocktail hour.

While I was shopping at Scotts Market in Atlanta with my mother, I found these great antique orange and lemon prints.  We decided to incorporate a little citrus flavor into the wedding since it is summer, and have my mother (the artist) replicate these prints into paintings!  A great way to brighten up the space and fill the void spaces around a solid white tent. 

With the bird theme and the blue white linens and citrus tones...we continued this program in other accessories for the guests.

I handpainted these simple white chinese fans with blue designs that you can purchase from this website.  Get out your paint and be creative! 

On such a hot summer day, I was glad that I had bought these rattan fans to keep everyone cool.  I wrapped a blue silk ribbon around the handles and a small tag with our bird logo.

We  purchased tons of lemons, limes, and oranges to fill extra large vases on the bar to bring the citrus theme around...also a great way not to run out of lemons and limes for drinks!

My calligrapher created fun drinks signs with cut out birds in the corner from simple white linen card stock.  We had a Love Bird, Monkey Do, Lazy Lion, and Grizzly Bear for the Zoo!

The Bride's cake is one of my favorite rituals at weddings.  I met with Cheryl Klienman to design a cake in tune with our theme.  While Cheryl has the ability to design a fabulous bird's nest cake with unique birds and eggs...I opted for the lighter fare of a lemon buttercream with marzipan kumquats and lemons.  It was delicious and I look forward to thawing out the top this weekend for good luck!!

A custom ritual in the South is to have a Grooms cake along with the Bride's cake at weddings.  Being a southerner, I hated to break this rule, so I had a fun candy and cakes table that related to the theme (and a few of my husbands favorite desserts) on the table with little boxes "to go" at the end of the night.

I was so thrilled with my florist, Amy from Seaport Flowers, who did a great job tying together flowers that worked so well with all of the blue and white colors and bright orange and lemon paintings.  It was not an easy task to hold me back and balance this theme!

I found the batik patterned tablecloths and had them cut and sewn to the correct size, then used the remaining fabric for pillows on the entrance banquettes and seats around the tent.

Since the wedding was held at the zoo, the bathrooms were simply commercial and I jazzed them up with custom signs for the Ladies and Men.  We made small baskets with stone concrete birds full of all the necessities in a bathroom and custom designed handtowels from Caspari.

Handtowels from Caspari

The lanterns were a great touch with the rosemary branches tied on top, the heat that radiated from the candles on the tin tops wafted the smell of rosemary as the guests entered the tent at nightfall.

A guest dressed well for the color theme and event!

Many of our guest travelled from near and afar to be with us on our wedding weekend, so my graphic designer friend  Remy Steiner designed these booklets for them to know where to go and what to do while visiting the Big Apple! 

A few great wedding resources: 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shopping in Charlottesville

(Great English antique furniture, andirons, and accessories)
3449 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-7001
(434) 977-0024
Behind the Main Shop is a small consignment shop that has everything from furniture, lighting, clothing, and horse riding gear!

Next door is the marvelous And George that everyone raves so much about. 
It is a wonderful store that carries the most unique gifts and accessories. 
I even found a great bookcase to purchase for one of my clients in New York! 

I different way to frame prints shown here with the red walls coming through the glass.

The Orange is a newer store in Charlottesville carrying a mix of vintage antiques. 
It almost feels like you are pulling into an auto body shop in the parking lot, but there is so much great treasure to be found inside!

The Barn Swallow is a beautiful barn that maintains beautiful greenery and flowers, along with amazing pottery gifts.

The Barn Swallow
796 Gillums Ridge Road
Charlottesville, VA  22903
*Only open Thurs-Sunday

400 East Market Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

This market contained several smaller stores such as the infamous The Organic Butcher, Feast, Hedge Fine Blooms, and Seafood at West Main. 

2248 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 979-9191
Clothing Store and Art Gallery
You can read their blog and the legend of Robert Redd here.


Sophie Matheson is taking over Charlottesville with her new Medallion membership program and her Scout Guide for shopping and dining.  It is a great resource guide for your next visit to Charlottesville.  She will let you in on the best hidden places and stores!
Sophie Says "My goal is to promote local business and help to maintain Charlottesville as a unique and interesting place to live.  
WE MUST SHOP LOCALLY if we want to keep Charlottesville unique.  
I hope to open up the doors to the small artist studios and inside information around town that will inspire you to shop at home. We can make a difference."
Now, when you head back to visit your alma mater this Fall, make sure to pick up the newest Scout guide and visit these stores and shop!