Monday, March 21, 2011

Headed to see Big Ben!

Haven't you recieved your invitation to the wedding too??

Only Kidding! 

I am off to London this week to visit my friends Bess and Max.  Both former employees at Charlotte Moss, who have moved to the city of London to pursue their dreams. I look forward to tons of shopping, eating, and antiquing in this beautiful city with such amazing architecture.

My friend and I are staying at The Orange on Pimlico Road.  Supposedly, it only has four hotel rooms in the building and is well-known for its pub and restaurant.  It still looks fabulous to me!

I can't wait to fill you in with more pictures of the hotel and my travels.  Hopefully, I will be bringing back many more sources for all you interior designers out there who love to shop abroad!


  1. Lucky! I would so love to go on a little holiday over seas sometime soon.

  2. Enjoy your trip - it sounds wonderful!