Saturday, March 19, 2011

Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2011

What can I say?  Philippe Le Manach took the award for best booth this year with his fourteen foot high treillage of magnificence!  Accents of France has been leading the United States in French garden design for several years.  The trellis design became famous in the gardens of Versailles, and has spread in its popularity across the world.  Philippe can help you design your garden full of treillage in New York, California, or anywhere around the world!

This silver bullet awaits you at the entrance to the show!  
Moore and Giles, well-known for their leather goods, had a very striking appearance at the entrance to the show.  Not only do they carry great leather bags for travel, but also some nice stylish leather chairs.

Lots of leather handbags and carryalls.

Check out this fun picnic bag for wine bottles and all your utensils.  Very important whenever travelling the English countryside.

Gargoyles Ltd. from Pennsylvania is a company that has mainly catered to hotels and restaurants for its vintage reproduction pieces.  As seen below, the company carries many items that you would usually find only at an antique flea market in England!   Somehow, they figured out how to reproduce these pieces to sell to the masses.

Stop by Pier 94, 55th street and west side highway to view these booths.  Show is open until Sunday afternoon!

Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Visit the website here for more information!

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