Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magnolia Bakery at Bloomingdales

No more waiting in line in the West Village!  Magnolia Bakery has opened a tiny outpost shop in the front entrance of Bloomingdales on Third Avenue and 59th Street.  Even though it doesn't have the history of being shot in "Sex in the City" and other great shows...the cupcakes taste just the same!

Shoppers can pick up a souvenir t-shirt to take home over the holidays in case those cupcakes won't make it through security.

For the month of October, they are selling a pink ribbon cupcake in which fifty cents of the proceeds of each cupcake will go toward The Breast Center Research Foundation. 

All the more reason to stop by and treat yourself this month!

Magnolia Bakery
1000 Third Avenue
Open Daily 7:30am - 10:00pm

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  1. Malls are my children's favorite hangout place ever since they were little. I'm just really glad that they never turned out to be materialistic teens. In fact, they were very thrifty and money savvy, a trait they must have inherited from their dad.