Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Expressionist Influence

Recently on a jaunt to Sea Island, Georgia, I met with Alice Parker of Parker Art Gallery to review some amazing works of art by a talented artist who studied under the wonderful Elaine De Kooning, wife of Willem de Kooning at the University of Georgia.

Portrait of John F. Kennedy by Elaine de Kooning

Jim Touchton who grew up in South Georgia studied at the University of Georgia in the late 1970's under Mrs. De Kooning.  He then moved to New York City with her help, and began his career.  


Many of my clients would like to find a painting from an artist that holds value at a reasonable price.  Alice mentioned that several of her clients find it nice to purchase a piece in which they can follow the artist and watch how he "evolves" over the years.  Jim's work is relevant to this in how he has become so much more abstract over the years compared to his initial paintings he completed 8-10 years ago.  He spends much of his time between East Hampton and South Georgia where he is represented and enjoys painting.  A few of Touchton's works below available at the Parker Art Gallery.

From Landing Lane, Jim Touchton (unavailable)

Poolside, East Hampton

Ocean Pond


Morning Lake (unavailable)

Currently at the Museum of Modern Art is one of the largest de Kooning exhibits on display until January 9, 2012.   Take a close look at his art and see all of the physical mechanics put into each painting as he started to paint, scraped some paint off, drew some drawings, added some material, and then painted again.  The amount of energy put forth in every piece is thrilling and leaves you begging for more!

Drawings of Woman in Six Stages
                                                               Woman, I  (1950-1952)

Pink Landscape, c.1942

Valentine, 1947

Wah Kee Spare Ribs, 1970 (published 1971) lithograph

                                                              Pirate (Untitled II), 1981

Rider (Untitled VII), 1985
One of the last few works of art created by de Kooning before his Alzheimers took over.

Photos of de Koonings Studio/Home in East Hampton shot by Architectural Digest before he passed away.

"I get freer...I have this sort of feeling that I am all there now. It's not even thinking in terms of one's limitations, because they come naturally. I think whatever you have you can do wonders with it, if you accept it." —Willem de Kooning, "What Abstract Art Means to Me" (1951)


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