Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Plantations

The South is full of old historical plantations that hide deep in the woods under oak and myrtle trees.  These plantations are often called "haunted" after mysterious items disappear and stories are revealed about their past.  The fascination with ghosts in these homes is understandable in light of the heavily wooded and moss covered plantations that seem spooky themselves.  The good news is that these ghosts are just looking to have a good time!

Oak Alley Plantation

Entry Hall to Oak Alley

Guest Bedrooms

Dining Room

Sitting Room

Another Guest Bedroom

The historical color of the walls reminds me of Orangery from Farrow & Ball.  The beds are just eery with the extra long bed hangings.

Many movies including Interview with a Vampire (Tom Cruise) and Beyonce's music video Deja Vu were shot at Oak Alley.

Myrtle's Plantation
St. Francisville, Louisiana

Dining Hall

Classic hand painted wallpaper still in style with today's De Gournay wallpaper used in many homes around the world.

Ghostly presence vivid in this tourists photo of the mirror.

Sitting Room

A View of the plantation in the Early 1800's.

Rosedown Plantation
St.Francisville, Lousiana

The 660 foot oak allee leads to the front entrance of the house.

Zuber wallpaper and handpainted floors.

Butler's Pantry

Second Floor

Guest Suite

Gothic revival style bed made for Henry Clay, had he become president this would have ended up in the White House, but instead Mr. Turnbull purchased it for his home in Louisiana.

The gardens designed by Martha Turnbull cover 28 acres of land and contain one of the first known plantings of camellias in America.


  1. its so pretty i would love to live in it even if it is haunted

  2. so beautiful I can just feel the presence of that era.

  3. i wish the garden were at oak alley and i would live at oak alley even if theres no central heat or ac :D