Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Decorate Alpine Chalet Style

Swiss chalet's are so beautifully built with all of the detailing put forth in the stair rails and interior moldings and beams.  Each chalet is unique in that each carpenter creates a certain design that is carried out throughout the house on a bathroom door or over a window or in the chairs for the dining table.  Below are a few ideas to use if you are looking into buying and decorating your own swiss chalet or mountain house!

Custom built bunkbeds and reading nooks make a mountain home very cozy.

Photo courtesy of Tartanscot

Nordic designed pillows

Snowflake Pillow

Toile patterns with a playful trim along the edge make it less serious.
Fabulous candelabra for those candlelit dinners after a long day on the slopes.

Use cutlery that relates to bones or twigs for bringing the wildlife indoors.

Elk salt and pepper shakers.

Warm pewter coffee serving pieces

Navajo style rugs

Artwork with dogs, birds, or wild animals.

Multi-colored and patterned carpet help to hide the dirt that is inevitable in the mountains.

Fun ski figurine bedding for the children!

Beautiful red and white blanket to stay warm!

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