Friday, December 10, 2010


Do you have sweet dreams at Christmas time thinking of those sleepless nights you spent cuddled in bed with your favorite stuffed animal waiting on the footsteps of old Kris Kringle??

Hippopota is a company that takes those special memories and freezes them in time on your wall for everyday safe keeping.  Log onto the website here to learn more about the inspiration behind the company and the process of ordering.


Make the moment special for your child or significant other with a Hippopota piece of art this holiday.

The wine cork below would be fabulous in a wine cellar with rustic brick walls and stone floor.

Just a few ways to make your ohhh soooo traditional apartment or home a little more exciting with modern art that is affordable. 

A few ideas to get your mind stirring on what you could photograph to order from Hippopota!

1. That fabulous pair of Louboutins you swore you wouldn't buy hanging on the wall over your desk. 

2.  A collection of four prints on the wall. Each one of a different card in the stack (the Ace of course, Jack, Queen and King) to hang in your husband's poker room or library.

3.  What do you collect?  A photo of your antique perfume bottles hanging in a Powder Room.

4.  A photo of your son's trophy he won after much hard work to remind him that his efforts will always pay off, and how proud you are of him!

5.  A photo of your bright red Kitchen aid mixer to hang against those bare white walls.

6.  Your daughter's bouquet right after her wedding for preserving those special memories.

Happy Holidays!

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