Friday, October 30, 2009

Europe Bound!

Thanks to the help of my world traveller friends, I am ready to jet set to Europe.  Stopping off in Madrid, Spain to warm up with a little paella, then over to Paris, France to enjoy delicious macaroons at Laduree!  If it weren't for all the fabulous bloggers of the world... how would I have filled up on so much information?! 

Habitually Chic blogged about her travels to Paris and staying in the Prince de Conti hotel making it easy for me to find a hotel quickly.   Charlotte Moss gave me an article from Town & Country that she did a few years ago about her travels to Paris and flea market shopping, along with a print out from Elle Decor listing all of the top spots including; Fashion Stores, Restaurants, Flea Markets, Antiques, Hotels, and more!  I can't wait to see all these wonderful places!

Also, I purchased some great books on Paris that are so small they fit in your purse.   I found them at Archivia bookstore on Lexington Avenue. (See books below)

Looking forward to catching up with you and sharing my adventures when I return!

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  1. Lynde, I enjoyed reading your blog and some of the links. Sounds like you are headed for a great trip!I look forward to your updates.