Monday, October 26, 2009

Elle Decor Women in Design Awards

Congratulations to Charlotte Moss for winning the Elle Decor Vision Award for 2009. Elle Decor held an event in Times Square for the top Women in Design for 2009. Charlotte Moss, Holly Hunt, Kelly Wearstler, Michelle Nussbaumer, and Josie Natori were all recognized for their inventive designs and incredible achievements over the past few years.

A view of the crowd attending the event to recognize these top designers.

Margaret Russell introduced Charlotte Moss for her wonderful talents and exquisite design vision comparing her to the likes of Nancy Lancaster, Sister Parish, Pauline de Rothschild and many other great designers with a vision.
The panel of women (left to right; Margaret Russell, Kelly Wearstler, Michelle Nussbaumer, Charlotte Moss, Holly Hunt) answering questions and discussing the aspects of becoming an entrepeneur in the field of interior design. I found it interesting that each fabulous designer started out in a different field other than interior design, yet have all become great designers. Kelly Wearstler started out in graphic design, Michelle Nussbaumer started in theater, while Charlotte Moss started out on Wall Street, Josie Natorie was an investment banker, and Holly Hunt started out in fashion sewing clothes for friends. Somehow, their design talents led them to the world of interior design.

Charlotte was quoted saying"seize the moment" to all of those who are interested in building their own empire and becoming a designer in the world of interior design today. While Kelly Wearstler was quoted saying "Fuel your vision" and read books from around the globe and travel and research to grow and become the best designer you can be.

Thanks to all of these designers for their wonderful advice!

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