Monday, July 11, 2011

Rowayton By-the-Sea

I have officially discovered one of my favorite towns in Connecticut.  It is such a lovely place to go where everyone rides their bicycle to market and the beaches are pristine.  This past weekend we celebrated with a cookout on the beach while a small town band played music for everyone to enjoy.

This favorite local cafe is well-known for its great lobster rolls and home-made ice cream.

One of the newest little stores is "Flea".  It is a cute little boutique shop off the avenue that also sells homemade ice cream, cupcakes, and has a little cafe.

There are many hometown companies created and started by locals such as Dough Girl.

Also, Soundview Millworks creates great personalized cutting boards out of mahogany and maple with stainless steel boat cleats for a good grip.

All the trend now is paddleboard...learn how to paddle

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  1. I love Rowayton. I live rather close and have spent many summers at the beach here. In fact last night we met friends for dinner at Rowayton Seafood, a terrific spot for next time you're up this way.