Monday, May 23, 2011

Shell Art

On your upcoming Memorial Day getaway to the nearest ocean, take in some design inspiration along with the calming sea breeze. Explore the beach and sand dunes for magnificent shells that wash in from the ocean - you might even find a starfish or two. Collect your favorite shells to create a piece for your home that will always remind you of this summer.

I found the oyster shell lamps below at Patrick Jefferson in London,
along with the beautiful work of art above.

Shell box through Coco House in West Palm Beach.

Above is a wonderful mirror composed of shells in various colors and shapes. Design your own mirror by starting with a plywood wooden base, then simply glue on your own shells in patterns. Take your creation to a frame shop to add a piece of antique glass mirror in the center. 
Custom Mirror by Peggy Green

Great way to decorate your shelves with seashells.

Shell mirror in this tropical Entry designed by Charles Faudree.

 Simply pile large shells in a French urn and display on a skirted table like this elegant example from Veranda magazine.

This tall shell sculpture is available from Knollwood Antiques in New York.

A beautiful way to show off your shells on a lucite stand available at the Accessory Store.

Cache Pot of shells.

 I visited the Musee d'Orsay on a trip to Paris last Fall and loved this glorious shell sculpture in the entrance!

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