Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Up in the Trees!

Surfass Treehouse
It's that time of year to start building a treehouse for your children to play in during the summer or for yourself to get away from them!  Here are a few tree houses that I find very interesting and appealing.  I would love the opportunity to design and build my very own one day in the woods far, far away from the bustling noise of taxis honking and dogs barking.

Sam's Treehouse

Redmond Treehouse

Very interesting stairs that give it such a natural feeling.

This hanging house is truly camouflaged from below.  Who knows how you get in it?!
The Nest

Pam's Getaway

Out'N'About Treesort

The B'ville Treehouse

How one adult designed the interior of her tree house in the forest.

Sarah's Treehouse
This is really fun for the kids to slide right out!

La Cabane Perchee

This rustic approach to decor makes it feel very natural.

Sure seems like a lot of stairs!!

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