Thursday, January 6, 2011

Greg Lotus Photographer

  •               Swim Cap
Swim Cap
40" x 60"

Greg Lotus is an amazing photographer that shoots for Vogue Italia.  He has traveled the world shooting models and famous actors in his lifetime, and now you can have your very own photo by him online through Taigan.  A few photographs for sale below!

  •                                      Champagne Poodle by Greg Lotus

  • Champagne Poodle
    30" x 43"  $7250
    •                         Ballet Hoop
    Ballet Hoop
    40 x 60  (1/25)  $7780

    • Ivy by Greg Lotus

    40" x 50"
    Also, a view of some of his work not for sale.

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    1. I love his work! They are so beautiful...I especially love the last one!